Thursday, November 4, 2010

AvaFX's New Ava Auto Trader (AAT) Platform

AvaFX is pleased to welcome you to the new Ava Auto Trader (AAT) Platform.

AAT is a revolutionary platform in the online trading industry that allows you to take advantage of automated strategies that will trade on your behalf – so you can sit and relax while the strategies you chose to follow trade for you even while you sleep!

The new autotrading platform has the same features as the previous platform with many new and additional features. It provides an easy to use and understandable platform with functionality to customize strategies and indentify risks in advance.

NEW Ava AutoTrader Provides:

* Fully automated forex trading with proven strategies that you can select
* Smart filter for finding strategies (New feature) including new criteria of T-score, ROI % and risk %
* Watch list with quick access to selected strategies (New feature)
* Full Account Description to monitor activities (New feature)
* Real-time strategy cards
* Backtest your portfolio before you go live
* View your complete account history, including all trades (New feature)

Click Here To Open a New Ava AutoTrader Account

Click Here to Learn More about the new Ava AutoTrader

There are millions of other ways to create profit in any opportunity. Utilize all the benefits of our award winning platform and see what gains it can bring in for you.

If you would like to learn more about the above opportunity – feel free to visit AVAFX website, or contact AVAFX by live chat, email or by phone: +1-212-941-9609.

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