The New Age Weapons of Internet Marketing

The internet is the definitive business platform of the 21st century. By tapping into its power, businesses were given the opportunity to expand their markets to a global scale.

With the internet, information now travels freely across the globe and can reach anyone with an internet-ready computer. Of course, this is a business’ dream come true.

The competition

Live chat softwareSoon everyone realized the potential of the internet when it comes to expanding businesses. Today, no business will ever flourish without successfully establishing an online presence.

Despite today’s massive volume of internet marketing participants, the online marketplace is still quite young. Nevertheless, it can easily be the most competitive marketplace in the word.

The brutal competition is the reason why the majority of online businesses fail within their first year. In order to survive, a business needs to be updated with the latest “weapon” when it comes to internet marketing.

Today, online advertisement or ad services are not as effective as they used to be. Although the majority of online businesses are still using this internet marketing weapon, more and more ways are being made to provide a more efficient alternative when it comes to promoting your online business.

The new weapons

Online shoppers and visitors are the blood and oxygen of internet marketing. Without them, no online business will survive. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of new online businesses (about 3%) succeed in establishing an online presence. This is because online visitors or traffic tend to go to the same saturated destination over and over again. Search engines are one of the major reasons for this effect. But that doesn’t mean a newbie will have no chance at all when it comes to attracting visitors. With the right tools, proper planning, and reliable knowledge about internet marketing, an online business can survive and prosper.

Online innovators suspect that adding live chat software on your website can actually be the key to survival. In a recent study, using live chat software increases a consumer’s chance to buy online for up to 50-75%. Furthermore, around 20% of the chatters did more than 75% of their purchases online. This is because a live online conversation with a company representative offers potential customers convenience, guidance, and assurance.

In time, more and more online businesses are discovering the benefits of incorporating live chat software capabilities on their website. The market’s reaction to the new system is unsurprisingly good, since a customer and the consumer can be more “involved” by using live chat software.

The live chat software service is still quite new and is more commonly found in faster-growing online businesses. However, top retail businesses are still not offering the service on their websites. But it’s not surprising to see those who start implementing a live chat service gets the upper hand over the rest.

Social media is another fast-growing internet marketing weapon. With the rise of social media websites, promoting your company is not as hard as it used to be. Social media websites such as Facebook and twitter are also powerful weapons for use in viral marketing.

An advertisement disguised as a photo, video, or a tweet, can easily gain publicity through “likes”, “shares”, and “re-tweets”. This is how media and advertisements can easily go viral, making it an excellent weapon for internet marketing.

Of course, there are also SEO services. Everyone knows that search engines such as Google search, Bing, and Conduit are the best way to gain new visitors for your website. You can either pay for professional SEO services or supply your own backlinks by article writing or blogging.


The competition in the world of internet marketing is brutal. The only way to succeed is to get access to the latest tools essential to survive the online market. Although going online is a very risky ambition for any business, the reward of having a global market share far outweighs anything else.

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Connect through the Web: Making SEO services Work for You

Internet has become a niche for different website that sells products, articles or services. The most important for webpage owners is to be noticed immediately by users who are looking through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Their target is to be the first in these search engines. Appearing at the first page of search engines will be likely to be visited by Internet users.

There are websites who hire SEO Servicescompanies who offer SEO services. SEO or search engine optimization is a way to market a website in the internet and make it noticeable to the web users. SEO services have different ways on how they market a product or a service. Some uses optimize keywords by using the optimum percentage of keyword in an article. Here are some ways on how SEO services can help you market your webpage.


Your service provider will provide you with the latest on your website and the SEO strategies that they are using. The auditing will define the problem areas, probable techniques to optimize your webpage and the strategies of your competitor. In internet marketing, it is essential to start with SEO auditing to keep you well-informed of the ins and outs of how your brand is being marketed.

Web Design:

It is important that your web design syncs with your internet marketing strategy. Website codes can have an effect on how you optimize your site. SEO services include the creation or modification of your web page design to make search engine friendly. They will provide you with helpful techniques to make the design work for you and at the same time will sell through the web.

Link Building:

The link building service will boost your ranking in search engines. With an effective SEO provider, they will provide you with an effective link building service. Link building includes several SEO techniques such as forum posting, blog commenting, and social networking. These techniques have been proven to be effective techniques to optimize your website as long as the SEO company can do it effectively.

Content Creation:

Website content is also a vital component of any website. It can make or break your SEO strategies. The content of your website should include the core keyword. The core keyword should be what searchers will be typing on the search engine box. Make sure that the content of your website will focus on these keywords and it should be included in your content. Beware, however, of stuffing too much keyword in one article because this can be detected by a search engine. Google, for example, give penalties to those they caught stuffing.


After completing your website and its content, it is important to monitor the effectiveness of the SEO techniques used. SEO companies will provide you with monitoring services to keep track of the results of your marketing strategies. Regular monitoring can also give you an idea on how or which part of your strategy can be further improved on.


The company, aside from advising you with proper SEO techniques will also implement these SEO strategies to your website. This way, you will have more time to focus on other responsibilities outside your Internet business.

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Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Even if your website has the best look and most valuable information in your chosen niche, it would be hard to gain traffic. Sometimes, you don’t even get noticed at all. But you would want your site to gain many visitors. One of the most effective ways to improve your site’s traffic is achieving high ranks on search engine return pages or SERPs.

So, imagine that youSEO put up a site with a particular subject. Let’s say it’s a site for guides of first person shooting games. Your new site would not appear yet in the results when people type “first person shooting guide” in the search bar of their chosen search engine. The first step to take so your site can start showing up in these search results is to submit it to search engines. You probably know of Google and Yahoo. They are some of the popular search engines but there are more.

Your hypothetical site has comprehensive and user-friendly guides that are very helpful for gamers. It has a nice color scheme that does not strain the eyes even for long reading times. It can be navigated intuitively. However, users may end up viewing sites with lower quality than yours just because your site doesn’t appear on the top results.

Mostly, search engines keep their searching algorithms as a secret. But their criteria for giving high ranks on SERPs are not really shrouded in mystery. What makes a search engine good is when it can turn up search results that are actually relevant to the search terms used. Going back to your hypothetical game guide site, it would be favorable for search engines to include it in the top results since it is informative and of top quality. However, it is up to you to show the search engines that your site deserve high SERP ranks. There is a set of techniques that you can use in order to get a better position in SERPs. This is called search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO experts can give you several tips and steps in increasing your SERP ranking. They would all probably agree that your hypothetical game guide site already accomplishes the foremost SEO element: outstanding content. Even after following other SEO techniques, your site can only get so far if it doesn’t have valuable content. It would probably get high rankings for a while and go back down just as fast.

However, you can’t rely on content alone. The internet is not that ideal. Your site may rise to the top SERP ranks by just the quality of its content, but it would take a lot of time – maybe months or longer. Even then, there’s actually no guarantee it can even reach the first page of results.That is disappointing but it’s the reality.

Gaining top SERP ranks, and consequently increasing traffic, is crucial to your site if you intend to make money from it – either through advertisement hosting or selling products. More visitors mean more potential customers which translate to better income. Some companies treat SEO a worthy investment for gaining advantage over competitors.

SEO techniques work by basing on the workings of search engines. You should keep in mind that these techniques can be legitimate or not. In your search for techniques to apply, be careful as you choose. If a technique is suspicious, it’s usually a good idea to steer clear of it.